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Is Your Car BUGGED? Get Ready To Have Your Privacy Invaded!


Is you car bugged and you don’t even know it yet? Following the footsteps of the announcement made by the European Union, many other international authorities are planning to follow in their footsteps. The EU recently announced that every single car sold in the UK will be fitted with a ‘black box’ device that will ensure that the real time information related to any cars presence be known by the authority at all times.

According to the implementation of the new technological advancement, this application will allow to track drivers movements at all times. This has triggered major concerns about the privacy and safety of the users but the Government has paid no heed to the stoppage of this implementation. Not only this but it will add another 100 pound cost the price of the existing vehicles due to the added technology. The concern about monitoring every move by the police and insurance company can further the fear in the scheme. This information ca be used by companies to contest claims made by users in case of accidents.

The new technology will have an E-Call option incorporated that will trigger the eCall tracker in case of crash and accident, send the GPS location to the control authorities and dispatch help immediately for emergency cases.