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Is Your Car On GM’s Recall List? Good Luck Finding THAT Out!


General Motors has been under the spotlight in 2014 and not at all for any good reason. The automobile manufacturer has been heavily criticised for their inability to contain their manufacturing mistakes that have so far taken 13 lives in multiple accident and glitches due to technical faults. The fatal fault of the ignition switch faults in numerous models of GM’s vehicles has still not been completely rectified so far which initially was reported in 2001.

There has been a recent complaint has been launched by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that a number of GM vehicles were being provided incorrect and misleading information. It is therefore advised to GM customers using the GM’s tool to check and recheck again as General Motors are fixing the problems for notifying their customers. His has sparked a rage among the customers as there was enough harm inflicted by GM to the users on top of their inability to correct their complaint and reliance management system. GM really needs to up their game as they are loosing market share, mind share and heart share by a considerable amount due to their lack in reliability and focus for their customers.