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It’s A Gangnam Style Hyundai Car Dealership For REAL!


The hit sensation of Gangnam style took the whole world by storm. It is the most watched and most performed songs ever in the history of the world with its super catchy tune and highly infectious dance routine. While you cant get the beat of the song out of the head right now, there is another thing that the district of Gangnam in South Korea offers that you wont be able to get out of your mind – The Gangnam Style Hyundai Car Dealership!


This is no ordinary dealership we are talking about here. Hyundai has taken the world by storm by creating one of the most innovative and interesting car dealerships ever to grace the world. The aim is to let the customer experience their Modern Premium brand values. From the outside of the car dealership you can view nine Genesis sedans that are placed on car rotors to provide the viewers with different angles that has never been visually made possible before. The next aim is to open a similar sort of dealership in Moscow that would trademark their idea for future purposes. The view inside and out is sure to leave you smiling and probably in a good enough mood to make you buy a Hyundai itself!