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It’s Time For BMW Recall..AGAIN!


The year 2014 has been one of the best and the worst for the automobile industry all over the world. On one hand there has been release and introduction of self driving cars, steering less vehicles, connecting cars and numerous other technological innovations. However on the other hand there has been a millions of recalls from few on the most reputed automobile companies of the world. Be it Ford, General Motors, BMW or many more, the reliance on automobile is wavering putting these companies in hot water.

BMW is now just another name on the list. The automobile giant is set to recall 1.6 million cars of its 3 series sedan world wide. The recall announcement has been made due to the issue in the passenger side front airbags. The recall has been made voluntarily for the airbags that can explode under certain circumstances along with seven major automakers recalling for the same reason. Including this instance recalls of 10 million have been made since 2009 worldwide in the automotive industry. These incidents are wavering the confidence in the car users who have themselves been affected by these issues or have lack of confidence in the reputed companies. This not only effects the costly charges but the shaking confidence comes as a bad omen to these companies to whom customer reliance is most important.