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Jaguar Land Rover Dealership Loses Millions In Fire!


The higher you get the harder the fall. This theory can be implemented on any kind of situation be it a personal standard or a monetary bar that you have touch or aim to. The higher you go and the bigger things you achieve, the more difficult it is to come back. Companies that have expanded and grown with larger business operations have a responsibility that is bigger than other competitors and thus the risk is larger as well.


Today is not a good day to be an employee at a Jaguar Land Rover dealership in Massachusetts. Employees are facing a tough time there when the dealership caught fire and resulted in burning of $500,000 worth of British luxury cars. The incident occurred and the fire burnt the vehicles for more than 45 minutes before the fire fighters arrived to contain the situation. The fire ignited several of the fuel tank of the luxury automobiles turning the place up into a fireball. It was stroke of luck that no one got hurt in the process and no life was lost. Lets see what the insurance company has to say for the incident where Jaguar will be counting to get even in the process after the severely unfortunate incident.