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Jaguar Stolen 46 Years Ago Finally Found!

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Life has a knack of surprising us when we least expect it. Be it from a little change in the direction or a life altering event nothing remains the same. Every day all around the world there are incidents happening that have changed the course of the world. The missing Malaysian flight still has not been found nor are any of the missing passengers. Whether it got lost in the ocean or disappeared in the skies we will never know. Some things are meant to happen and there is nothing we or anyone can do to change it.

This is exactly what Ivan Schneider thought the day his beloved luxury Jaguar was stolen in 1968. The individual in question was 36 years old at the time and the loss of his most prized possession was a shock of a life time. But little did he know that 46 years later he will get another shock which will be greater and way better than the one before. It was when his beloved Jaguar was recovered from a cargo ship destined for Holland 46 year after. The 82 years old man cannot believe his luck that led him to unite with his amazing car. Even with a few bumps and bruises the car is still worth $100,000 in todays market.