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Jaguar Vs Toyota- The Marketing Strategy

Jaguar has been in market before World War II and has been the car of those in power. It belongs to the company that has a standing in London Stock Exchange and is used by Prime Minister of Britain. It has the privilege having the royal warrant from Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles.Unlike the typical marketing strategy followed by companies instead of being all bubbly and safety option, it portrays itself to being bad in 2014 super bowl advertisement.

It consider itself a true leader, being proudly different. They make sure that the advertisement best reflected their out of the box thinking.

Jaguar 2014 Big Game Commercial British Villains ‘Rendezvous’ Jaguar USA from Hiddleston-Daily on Vimeo.

Toyota on the other hand has special liking for people centric advertising, showing off how good they are in providing option, as according to customer expectation. Being a Japan origin multinational they have a respect for customer, considering them gods. They always show themselves as facilitator to customers no matter which advertisement you talk about.