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Jaguar’s AMAZING Augmented Reality!


The technological progress that the automobile industry is facing at the moment has far surpassed any kind of development it may have ever experienced. The mighty weight of the daily progress and consistent inventions in numerous manners has left the world in awe and amazement of all that is happening that seems like the future. However the major discoveries at the moment are the driverless car, the self driving vehicle, the steering less vehicle, connecting cars and smart cars. However what Jaguar is bringing in to the market is separate from all this and much more amazing.


The augmented reality concept that is being offered by Jaguar concept cars aims to facilitate the drivers with an interactive virtual display on the vehicle’s windshield. The interesting features in the interesting vehicle includes virtual racing lines with color to highlight the optimum braking positions on tricky curves. There are virtual cones aligned on either side of the road to help novice drivers get a better grip and thorough understanding of the experience. One of the most popular features is the ‘Ghost Car’ feature that allows the driver to to race virtual drivers in real roads. The experience is such a close reality concept that it has left the awaiting audience in awe. Jaguar is sure to blow the automobile industry away with the augmented reality concept.