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Jason Statham Barely Makes It Alive During Expendables Shooting With His Driving Skills!


The world of Hollywood may look like all money and fashion but all that glitters is not gold. Behind the lavish life style that you observe among celebrities, there is definitely hard work behind it. In certain instances actors actually put themselves in life threatening situations in order to make the scene look believable and to do justice to the role. In order for that to happen stunt doubles are hired for risky action sequences who are professionally trained in this manner so that the life of themselves and the actors is protected. However there are certain actors who like to indulge in the testosterone pumping sequences resulting in getting scrapped from time to time.

Jason Statham is one such actor who has been involved in numerous projects where he had to prove his driving skills behind the wheel and do so in a safe manner. In his recent project Expendables 3, Jason Statham had to pull up a driving truck and let the other guys go on. However the brakes on the truck failed and it went off dock into the Black Sea. Jason Statham who has been in numerous automobile movies knew how to handle the situation and managed to get himself to safety. It was a close call for the super star who could have easily been an actual expendable himself.