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Jaw Dropping Futuristic Bike Designs!

The rock star of the automobile world is hands down the flashy and spunky bikes that roar and rage to go on the road and leave everyone in awe. Since the inception of the bike, there has been constant improvement in the specifications, models, details and appearance in numerous motor bikes. One of the most famous brands in this category is the ever famous and elite Harley Davidson. The motor bike brand is in a league of its own introducing top notch models that are in an exquisite superior league as no one else.

However over the years there has been tremendous growth and progress in the technological upgrading of motor cycles and bikes. The physical modifications have added aerodynamic and futuristic designs that are highly popular and giving a successful boost to the industry. The youth specifically is aiming at purchasing such bike that fulfill that extrinsic an intrinsic needs. The movie industry is targeting to showcase the these bike designs in numerous movies like Torque and tapping in to the market that holds tremendous potential. Below is a compilation of amazing futuristic bike designs that have left everyone is awe and much anticipation of hitting the markets in order for immediate purchase.

Icare Motorbike


Peraves Monotracer Jet Bike


Wind-Solar Energy Bike


Harley Davidson 2020


Bombadier Embrio


Detonator V4 6.0


Victory Vision 800






“One” Folding Bike