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Jay Leno Makes A TV Comeback With A Car Themed Show!


Jay Leno is one of the most famous television celebrities of all time. His presence of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno has earned him multiple awards, a great bundle of incoming and non stop cash and a reputation as one of the most frivolous car owner of his time. The television legend has a fan following of millions of viewers from all over the world. His place at the Tonight show was recently taken over by the classic nice guy comedian Jimmy Fallon after 60 years of service to the network.

However much to the happiness of his fans, Jay Leno is making a comeback to television in one of the most ground breaking ways imaginable. The television guru who is a car fanatic himself and owns more than 130 cars of his own is bringing a television show that is solely focused on cars. The primetime series will focus on vehicles that are classics, vintages, super cars, race car projects, and road tests. Any new introduction or invention that comes along the way will be covered by the show and hosted by none other than the man himself. We cannot wait to see what Leno brings to the table because for what we have seen of him it is going to be nothing short of spectacular!