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Jay Leno’s AMAZING Collection of 84 CARS and 73 MOTORCYCLES!!!!


Where as we all know and love Jay Leno from the Tonight Show and the stand up comedies that he has been the king of for the last half a decade, he is more than just a comedian. The immensely talented individual is an avid collector of vintage and latest cars that have been the interest of many car fanatics for a number of years.

Although he has made his first passion, comedy, his profession he has pursued his other passions with as much dedication as the former. The multi million dollar entertainer not only own a total of 84 cars and 73 motorcycles but was also gifted something by NBC that people can only dream of. NBC, the most famous entertainment channel, provided Jay Leno a website that allows the fans to explore into Leno’s Big Dog Garage which is immensely famous for its humongous size and the jaw dropping collection that it holds. The famous artist is pretty humble about his great collection and is always eager to talk about the cars and the stories relating to his acquisition. We have compiled a list of Leno’s most famous cars that have been the apple of his eye and of many other car fanatics.


1986 Lamborghini Countach



Ariel Atom



1909 Stanley Steamer



Blastolene Special (aka Tank Car)






1955 Buick Roadmaster