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Justin Bieber Accident Compared To The Princess Diana Tragedy!


No matter the safety precautions we take or how careful we are, there are still numerous incidents that are beyond our control. Thousands of deaths per year are caused on the road due to reckless driving, driving under the influence, brake fail or any other reason. Once in a situation like this, it impacts our whole life in one of the most negative ways possible.

One such incident that shook the world was the car accident in Paris that resulted in Princess Diana’s death who genuinely was the queen of hearts. It was a tragic incidents whose mere reminder takes your breath away and leave you wondering why that specific individual. Recently Justin Bieber was involved in a car accident while being followed by the paparazzi. The photographer in his vehicle rammed into Bieber’s red Ferrari but no harm was inflicted upon either of the parties. The Prince of Pop took to twitter to vent about the incident with the paparazzi stalking him as that of the tragedy of Princess Diana’s death. It would be wise for the rebelling teenager to chose his words wisely when it comes to comments directed towards the death of one of the most beloved people that ever graced the planet.