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Justin Bieber In Paparazzi Crated Car Accident!


It is one of the go to news for Hollywood reporters and paparazzi to stalk celebrities day in and day out and make their life impossible to live. The famous actors, actresses, sports personnel and celebrities in general find it impossible to live a normal eye under the microscopic lense of the camera. It is immensely difficult for them to carry out their daily chores without the media hounding all over them and in certain incidents actually causing physical harm to the celebrities they are stalking.


Another such incident occurred with the Prince of Pop, Justin Bieber just yesterday when paparazzi was following him closely to a restaurant he apparently went to have dinner like a normal 20 year old. The young singer’s Cadillac Escalade was hit from the right side passenger door by a BMW SUV. To the good fortune there was no one else in the car except the famous signer who apparently did not suffer from any injuries. It is the negligent behavior of the celebrity stalkers and paparazzi that could have seriously injured someone in pursuit of an exclusive photo or a video clip. There has been numerous incidents where the celebrities due to immense frustration attacked the photographers upon invasion of their personal space. Well we have no sympathies for such stalkers. You had it coming.