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Trendy Kia Advertisement with Adriana Lima And Football


Adriana Lima is considered an attractive model from Latin America. Having global recognition and on the way to make her mark, Kia cashed the popularity by switching interest from rugby to football.

Kia, an automobile manufacturer is trying hard to make it to the league of Big3 automotive giants. No leaves are left unturn, for this purpose. This campaign is one of its way to make the most of Football fever, a beautiful women and the re-shaping of behavior.

Though many doubt that the target market of America will be effected by such happening, but the miracles can happen any moment. And afterall it is the break from routine, as a famous model is seen not in Mercedes or BMW rather it is the Optima and Sorento model of Kia from which it enters.

The advertisement series of two have been aired. In one it is the rugby ground, where players are practicing; while in other it is the house visit where people are watching rugby. The smart entry with inspiration is experienced in first ad. The second advertisement goes one step further with changes happening to living room, replacing rugby decoration pieces to football and even shirt changed to football ones.

A nice effort is all we can say at this moment.