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Leaving Your Car To Warm Up Is Not Only Dangerous But Deadly!


The winter season tends to get to the most of us. Those who are unfortunate enough to live in places that get snowed in and iced down due to extreme weather needs tips and tricks to survive the weather with the comfort they can get even if it is minimal. One of the ways people are disturbed in this weather is when they have to commute early morning and there is your car under heaps of snow which would require you to first clear it up, then scrape off the ice, use the anti freezing agent and get on your way to work.

Usually people leave their cars to warm up for sometime before taking it out for the ride. This act is not only negligent but harmful and in worst circumstances can be deadly as well. The rate of stolen cars peak in the winters when people leave their cars to warm up unattended. There have been reported cases of criminals fleeing with the cars with the owners baby in the back seat. This is not only dangerous to the baby but can be a potentially hazard for life. Make sure to avoid indulging in this activity and to keep your priorities straight.