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LEGO Takes Our Breath Away With Speed Champions Set!


One of the most beloved toys from my childhood are still intact and never to be touched by any kid ever. It contains my super cool kitchen set that could cook an egg with a light and also a winter wonderland of penguins along with my number 8 race course of flashy red and yellow cars. However one thing that i hold most dear to my heart is the castle set of knights and horses made of none other than LEGOS. It is not only cool and classy but surely the most entertaining set i have ever owned. Until now i guess.


Lego has announced the completion and introduction of the brand new trifecta Speed Champions Set. The amazing package includes cars of Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder. The race car drivers of Lego men are present in the vehicle all raring to go. Not only this but the whole setup of the machines at tire changer and other options are also present in the Champions Set. This has proven to be one of the classiest and most in demand introduction by Lego in the market with a huge fan following by not only children but adults waiting to get their hands on it.