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Let’s End Human Driving?

HotelTonight Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer Sam Shank Interview

Human kind is one of the most amazing yet one of the most fragile entities on the planet. Where on hand the human mind makes the impossible actually possible, on the other hand a heavy blow to the head and everything ends. It is the human mind behind the amazing inventions in the automobile industry that make it possible to monitor the heart rate of the driver, whether her bp and vital stats are normal, to make sure his attention is on the road and not else where and yet the rate of accidents on the roads per year do not go down. The common element in the equation is the human being himself.

In a conference recently Sam Shank who is the CEO of HotelTonight believes that the time has come to end human driving all completely. The guru is of the opinion that it has been human beings so far that has been the cause of thousands of death through accidents every year and it is time that privilege was taken away to be put in more responsible and better equipped hand of technology. Tesla’s announcement of the Auto Pilot option further endorses such opinions and might be the in the near future for us.