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London In Shock By The Flying Sports Car!


Is that a bird? Is that a plane? No that’s Super Man..umm actually no! What is that? That was exactly what was going through the minds of Londoners who watched the spectacular sight up high in the sky. It was a vision to behold. A sports car with all lights blazing was cruising the skies held high with the help of a helicopter. The people of London took to twitter to post the amazing photos of the car being carried out like royalty in the deep blue sky.

This is one amazing marketing campaign by none other than Jaguar itself. Introducing the 30,000 pound ‘baby’ XE sports saloon car in London, the company took the campaign to a whole new level by creating the stunt of flying the car over River Thames. This was a stunt of its very own kind in the history of automobile highlighting Jaguar’s uniqueness and testament to its revolution. Backed by the theme of “It’s Good To Be Bad”, Jaguar proved the statement true. The car was lifted to the global launch campaign in the heart of London with the star studded event awaiting the legendary vehicle to kick off its celebrations.