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Magnetic Field In Electric Cars Will NOT Kill You!!


With the introduction of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles, the major concerns of skeptical parties were the health concerns that would be created due to the Magnetic Field in such vehicles. However it has been made clear with the help of research and thorough that such vehicles and the magnetic fields created around pose no threat to the health of a person.

In a study led by SINTEF in Norway, a thorough study was made to measure different electromagnetic radiations emitted by numerous electric cars; one hydrogen powered, two gasoline fueled, and one diesel fueled car. Through numerous experiments and in depth data collection through numerous experiments it was concluded that the exposure to such cars did not in any way create hazardous situations for the individuals present in the car.

The Hybrid and Electric Cars the new new category in automobiles that have been creating vast popularity due to the cut down in fuel consumption with green Eco friendly technology implemented in it. The valuable information relating to this technology completely safe for consumer usage is sure to be good news to a vast number of people opting for such vehicles.