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Make Sure That Child Seat Is Intact With A Toddler In A Winter Coat!


Winter is one of the nicest times of the years but it can turn really harsh with just a few degrees lower on the temperature scale. Therefore you need to keep yourself protected and covered against the harsh winds and snow along with ice cold that reaches your bones. This is mostly focused upon when one is traveling in their cars specially with kids.

In order to sustain the ice cold, children are made to wear winter coats before being strapped in their car seats. This can be potentially fateful if the harness is not properly fixed resulting in an ejection of the seat in case of crash. In order to make sure that your child is safely locked in their seat make them wear the coat backwards, ensure that the harness is snug and tight around their arms and waist. Also throw a light sweat shirt over them to keep them cozy. The slightest bit of loose pressure would eject the harness putting your kid’s life in some serious danger. Make sure the child is fixed comfortably before putting your safety belt on yourself. Better to be safe than sorry!