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Malawi Office Making Noise on 1st Anniversary

SBT Japan has captivating presence in a number markets. Its global offices have provided support to a number of locals in buying cars from this company. Though selling of car was never an issue for a company that believes in providing quality alternative in economical prices, but having an office near its customer has given advantage in term of building better customer relations.

In total there are approximately 26 offices of SBT Japan in countries of Africa, Asia, Europe, America and Oceania. One of our offices that have smooth operation is in Lilongwe, Malawi. In order to celebrate our first anniversary in the country, we invited VIPs and celebrities from different walk of lives.

The noise of our success was higher than expected with our respectable guest making the evening more prominent. The environment was semi-formal where food and music was enjoyed.

The guests that add stars to our event included a total of 110 important people. The Office President was the guest of honor. Along with him were ministers holding different offices, they all made us feel at home. Union Leaders of different companies and Africa were also there who were the source of encouragement for us. The major banks of Malawi along with our business allies were also present for this purpose. Our other allies included important dealers and City Malls Owners without whom doing business would have been difficult for us. They have marketed us and helped us in enhancing good will in the country.

United Nations members, embassadors of different countries were there with other big shots that belong to foreign office in Malawi.

Muslim Community, Indian Community Leaders, and people from Churches were also invited to add spiritual diversity in our environment. Road traffic High Commissioner and Driving schools owners were also there to encourage us, being our promoters. After all the cars and roads have a deep relation, and we are obliged to nuture this relation.

The glimpse of the event can best be seen in the picture below:


Here is the media covering our event


Our honorable guests with General Manager and Country Manager of SBT JAPAN


Here is another shot of the event


The music band entertaining our guests


Picture with another VIP of Malawi


The yummy cake to celebrate our stay.


At last, we are thankful to all those who turned up and made this anniversary memorable for us. We expect that your love can be returned by our quality cars at economical prices. The customer service will remain our added advantage.