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Man Gets A Car Part Removed From His Body After 50 Years


Every day we come across numerous pieces of news that show us the shocking side of what is happening in the world, it is interesting, jaw dropping, down right scary and sometimes absolutely unbelievable. Well its not that difficult to understand since news is traveling at such a fast pace nowadays and we have more or less become used to the everyday shocks that come our way. Today i was not or surprised but relieved at what i got to read.

Arthur Lampitt from Illinois went through a courtroom setting off metal detectors unable to find the reason why. After an x-ray it was found out that something metallic was lodged in his arm. Upon surgery it was found out that 50 years ago the person was involved in a head on collision accident in his Ford truck. The signal stalk was lodged inside however due to his broken hip the doctor did not pay attention to anything else. The injury never got infected nor bothered him in any way until recently. After surgery it was found out that the pencil sized instrument was up his arm for 50 years. He plans to make a key chain out of it. Emotional and physical attachment at its best.