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Man Pulls Cop Over For Speeding!!


It is usually and mostly the authorities that pull people over for speeding, swaying while driving, driving under the influence, risky driving behavior and numerous other reasons. They make sure that the drivers are penalized and brought to justice for their irresponsible actions. There is no other way to get out of the sticky situation and that is what the authority practices every single day. But what if the roles are reversed? Is it allowed? Is it against the law? Well that is just what happened in Illinois.

A man named Brian Miner was involved in such an incident where he pulled over a Trooper Cop for speeding and talking on his cell phone. Upon witnessing the cop doing that, the man did not know what else to do but constantly blow the horn of his vehicle to get the cop’s attention and to make him pull over. The cop got out of the car and showed his concern on why the man had done such a thing. Upon answering his question, the cop told the man that police was allowed to use technology when they are driving. The cop asked Brian for his license and registration and was going to write him a ticket for “unlawful use of horn” when Brian told him that everything was being recorded. This got him out of getting a ticket. Well lets hope he steers clear of him for next time.