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Man Sets Himself and Car Park On FIRE While Trying To Steal PETROL!!!!

What kind of a state would a person be in if for one they were planning to steal petrol? Planning to steal petrol from another car? Planning to steal petrol from another car while lighting a CIGARETTE at the same time? Yes you guessed that right; you’re smartly trying to yourself on fire. And not just yourself but the whole Car Park!

A CCTV camera in Australia recently captured a video of a 26 years old man who did such a genius thing all by himself. Not only was he trying to steal petrol but at the same time lighting a cigarette which ultimately and not to anyone’s surprise set the car park and himself on fire. The camera captured the man being engulfed into flames who later the police found out to have suffered severe burns to his legs. The act of ultimate intelligence also resulted in 60,884 pounds worth of damages. About $110,000 worth of cars have been lost with the fortunate luck of the workshop not catching fire. The man was later on arrested and charged for illegal motor vehicle interference and arson.