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Mario Bros. Driving Mercedes- The Advertisement


When making advertisement, the psychology of customer should be kept in mind. As, it is a research that emotions play a great role in shaping buying decision of average individual. The vehicle buying is yet another complex issue, as the average time gap for purchasing car is at least 6-8 months. After all, one do not buy vehicle everyday.  So in order to make sure that those who have purchasing power go for your brand, a lot needs to be done. Talking about games, they have emotional appeal. The old games being part of childhood have special place in the heart and people go out of the way to get the experience all over again.

Mario Brothers have been the character that has gained great popularity in children of 80s and 90s. The generation that has been converted to mature working class of today. Mercedes the world class option for luxury car came up with an advertisement that made connection. For that strong research was done with execution that need to show the difference of reality and gaming at the same time.

In this Mario is seen riding a Mercedes GLA in the typical game form, driving through different hurdles and even jumping around. At the end real car is shown with Mario Bros dressed individual. The character comes out of the car and is later bitten leading to end of game/ advertisement. Though it seems a small effort but the psychology behind it is mind blasting.

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