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Meet The First Ever Self Driving Forklift Named “RAY”!


The self driving vehicles have caused much buzz and excitement from all over the world since the introduction of the phenomenon. The self driving car excites those who are technologically updates whereas those who are of more contemporary and traditional nature have doubt and trust issues handling their vehicles. There has been an extensive debate over the fact that the newly introduced vehicle will not only result in getting hacked but can provide greater danger to human life. On the contrary the supporters are persistent on the fact that with the necessary safety precautions in place it is a ground breaking achievement.


However Germany thinks otherwise. Already ahead in implementing the self driving technology, the vehicle which is a forklift is being used at the Dusseldorf Airport as a valet for automatic parking. The vehicle lovingly known as “Ray” is responsible for weighing the car after its owner drops it off in a designated area and then lift maximum up to 3.31 tons in weight and moves it to the parking spaces designated for the valet. Not only that but is connects the information of the car with its user and determines when the owner will be back so that it can prepare the car before the arrival. If any changes to the trip is made, the owner can directly to the mobile application to which Ray is connected and thus updated. The new product has been immensely appealing and a hit to business travelers who are free of their vehicle hassles.