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Meet The PRESIDENT’s Limo TANK AKA “The Beast”!!

Yes the TANK like vehicle known as “The Beast” is not just a vehicle but a whole platoon of similar vehicles costing $1 million each and to no one’s surprise is the vehicle of the most important man in the political world, the President of United States of America “Barack Obama”. The limo which is a Cadillac is a high class top notch vehicle which is so fully packed with arsenal and high class top notch security features that it has been name “The Beast” tank.

tank 2

“The Beast” travels with its own personal mechanic at all time along with an armed federal agent, a huge arsenal of diagnostic electronic devices, tools and armory. To add to the protection of the President, the fuel tank is made armor plated and specially encased to prevent from rupture in case of collision along with a Halon fire supersession system. The trunk is filled with more weapons, oxygen masks for the president, medical equipment, bottles of the President’s blood type and emergency kit. The Beast is so heavy that it is physically impossible for the president to open the door from the inside. Along with that the interior is completely cut off from the outside world in case of chemical attack. Encrypted satellite phone, secure video conferencing system, special locking and fire prevention mechanisms are also fitted. The military grade amour incorporated in the vehicle along with fiber glass fittings makes it absolutely unpenetrable. This comes as no surprise as further experiments are being carried out on the Beast to further strengthen the safety of the President of USA.