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Men Are For Maserati And Woman Are For Volkswagen? Apparently YES!!


The female of any species is considered the more deadlier entity than the male. The sleek swiftness and sharpness of the mind is what makes the female a deadly hunter for the weaker prey. It is nothing uncommon in mankind as well as according to the latest study by the DVLA, the figures clearly show that women make more intelligent decision when car purchasing taking into accounts the factors like fuel efficiency, mileage, costs and practicality than men and thus are more keen and successful on getting a bargain based on their brains and not on their beauty.

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It is a general belief that men usually know more about cars than women which according to the car purchasing factors has been proven to be wrong. It has been concluded after authentic research that women purchase a vehicle from their head and men do so with their heart. The purchasing patterns vastly differ as men prefer larger performance cars that are dominating in the luxury category like a Maserati whereas women opt for practical, safer and fuel efficient vehicle that is there for the long run like a Volkswagen and not just a mid life crisis. Turns out men are way more emotional than we give them credit for. It may not be about the things we had hoped for but we have to give credit where its due.