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Mercedes Benz Causes Six Shocking Back To Back Car Crashes!


When the name of a prestigious and reputed automobile is heard, all you expect is to hear great things about it. Take the example of Mercedes Benz. The German giant and one of the German Big 4 trio is one of the most high class, top notch quality and luxurious premium vehicle that has broken so many hearts all over the world for being out of their price range. Well its not just hearts that Mercedes Benz is breaking at the moment and that is what is shocking to see.

Sydney was excited about the high performing Mercedes Benz coming to town but little did it know it would be taking so much more with it. 6 cars were hit and damaged by a high performing Mercedes Benz in the suburbs of Sydney after losing control. After colliding with the Holden ute and Audi Coupe coming from the opposite direction, the premium vehicle lost control and resulted in damaging 6 more cars in the way. The good thing is that no one was damaged during the severely dangerous car crash. However the vehicles were not so lucky and suffered disastrous damage all over.