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Mercedes Benz Rakes Up Thousands In Parking Tickets!


It is a dream come true for so many people including myself to someday own a Mercedes Benz. The class, the elegance and the style that this vehicle possesses in matchless and it literally makes your jaw drop when you witness the beauty live. The sheer coolness of design and the supreme cuts and engineering techniques invested in creating such a perfectly amazing vehicle has left me in awe of its presence. So who in their right minds would leave their beloved Mercedes in a multi story car park for no less than three whole years?

Yes you read that right. A Mercedes Benz has been discovered in a multi story car park in Birmingham whose owners have not been located despite numerous efforts to do so. Not only that the vehicle which is a sheer beauty itself has been left unattended for so long their it is heart breaking to see its condition. But the real piece of interesting news is that the vehicle has raked up 14,000 pounds worth of parking tickets in the last three years. Since the owners have not been located therefore the vehicle is now being moved from its original location.