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Mercedes Benz Self Driving ‘Bertha’ Cruising In To Challenge Google’s Self Driving Car!


Its the battle between the self driving vehicles now and us humans and sit back and enjoy the show while we sip our cool margaritas and let the fun roll. Yes we are talking about the much hyped rivalry between two of the most ground breaking vehicles of year 2014 – Google’s self driving car and Mercedes Benz’s self driving Bertha! Well the game is on and the place for fireworks is none other than California!

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California that has recently launched license plates for robot vehicles that is a huge step in the direction of self driving vehicles. The ruling was supposed to take effect in September but following Google’s footsteps now Mercedes Benz has taken special permission for early release. To commemorate the occasion Bertha has been cruising the roads of California after traveling the roads of Sunnyvale for months now. Bertha has a distinctive roof mounted laser imaging system that ensures the process of self driving being made possible. It will be interesting to see how the automobile giant like Mercedes Benz deals with the competition that Google’s self driving car is giving at the moment. More interesting would be the occasion when we commoners get to actually experience a ride in either of the two.