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Micheal Schumacher Heads Home After Coma Incident!


The name that comes to mind whenever Formula 1 is mentioned is none other than the amazing and the greatest of the greats Micheal Schumacher. The race car driver is one of the most talented ones in his league and has numerous championships and trophies tucked under his belt. The individual has millions of fans all over the world due to his exceptional talent and skill on and off the racetrack. Inspite of being retired, the celebrity is not far from the spotlight with the fans all awaiting the day when the legend will make a comeback to the race track and make the Formula 1 go crazy.

The super star however had to go through a terrible ordeal 6 months ago when he was involved in a ski accident. The horrible accident left the talented racer in a coma for 254 days leaving family and fans shocked and mortified. After waking up nearly half a year later, the state of mind is still groggy with the specialists still remain doubtful of complete recovery. The sportsman however has been cleared to go home for further recovery in familiar and homey surroundings. We wish the super star all the luck and prayers coming his way for a quick painless recovery.