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Mileage- Better not Sugarcoat

The mileage of the vehicle to be sold should already be in the ad (whether classified ad in a newspaper or magazine, or at an online portal) and also with a description of the vehicle at an auction can be mentioned. Who, for example, sold a car that has a mileage of 100,000 km, but you write, the vehicle was not driven often contradicts itself and this is a false statement. Then think of who might be interested, the car has only a small mileage, but yes in fact not the case. Therefore, a best: Always be honest, no matter whether “to the mileage or even, as in the point it does not deny accidental damage “to these previous damage of the sold vehicle. The correct mileage has to be included in the purchase contract. Under no circumstances Mileage should be manipulated. This is partly very readily detectable, and should the buyer after purchase visit his workshop and this manipulation are detected, this is a deception and if the buyer the cars no longer want, you have to take the vehicle back if we like it or not – even if you have excluded warranty and return in the purchase contract.