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Mind Blowing WILD Art Cars From Burning Man!!!

Art cars is one of the most creative segment enjoyed by numerous car fanatics all over the world. In order to out do each other every year, people from all four corners of the world create out of the box cars with such amazing ambiance and designs that is sure to leave the audience in awe of the concept, the beauty and the delivery. The annual Burning Man festival in Nevada attracted more than 50,000 like minded creative geniuses that made art cars after cars in the most unimaginable way possible. It has now become the trend of even reputed companies to arrange festivals in order to show case their vehicle in the most outrageous of ways through the art car publicity technique.

Following are the few of the most inspiring and impressive art cars created at the Burning Man festival in Nevada showcasing the imagination going wild with their own experiences.

1. Anglerfish


2. Madame Astrolabe


3. Neverwas Haul


4. C.S. Tere: The Lost Machine


5. The Nautilus


6. Wonder Wagon


7. Walter the Bus


8. Berserker


9. The Golden Mean