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Minivan Dragged For 18 Disastrous Miles After Slamming Under Semi!


Winter is possibly one of the worst times of the years to be on the road driving. No matter where you are in the world, you need to be very careful and extremely cautious when on the road making supremely sure that you and others traveling alongside you on the road are safe and secure at all times. The roads are icy which makes the cars skid and turn losing complete control. The way is blocked by snow which makes your tires slip requiring you to slow down immediately. There is rain that clutters the view and makes driving all the more difficult. You need to be careful at all times or you might end up like this family from Michigan.

A Michigan family was traveling on the Interstate 75 in white was condition when their car suddenly slammed into a semi which had no hazard lights and making it impossible for other driver to detect its presence. The minivan got stuck under the semi and with the broken windshield and horn, it was dragged along for 18 miles. The system was completely shattered and disabled so the passengers called 911 and informed them of the incident that had occurred. The highway traffic police intercepted the semi later on to contain the situation. The family was thankfully unhurt in the process. Only the younger kid who was 26 years old suffered minor injuries. Stay safe.