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Most Popular Car Toys Of All Times!

It is one of the most popular and revenue generating business sectors that never goes out of business. As long as human live on this earth,this business venture is never going out of date. It has always been there in any form necessary and it will always be there for the sake of sanity of millions of people of over the world. Its the Toy manufacturing industry that is under discussion and it has been one of the most successful and consistent industries that have not been effected by any type of financial crisis. Because there is nothing more important than to silence a crying kid with none other than a toy!

It has been quite discriminatory making specific types of toys for girls and exclusively for boys. The girls sections consist of barbies, dolls, kitchen sets, sewing sets, doll houses and all things feminine. The boys on the other hand have super cool cars, trains, trucks, guns, aeroplanes, slides and all things masculine. However there has been certain car toys that were equally catering to both the segments and turned out to be the most popular toys of their generation and time. Lets take a trip down memory lane with those valuables in our hearts whose love none can replace.

M.A.S.K (1985-1988)

Micro Machines (1988-2006)


Ghostbusters: Ecto 1 (1987-1991)


Roller Racers (1980-)


Voltron (1984-1998)


G.I. Joe: The Real American Hero (1982-1994)


Transformers (1984-)