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Mr. Mercedes The New Murderer in Town


When we talk about Mercedes, the luxury and class comes in our mind. But Stephen King an author known for his novels on blood drench horror has given a whole new meaning to the vehicle. It is his latest book, with title “Mr. Mercedes” that readers will see a whole new meaning of the car and the murderer behind wheel.

It is not the first time, Stephen King has played with car being a major role in horror filled killing. In his novel “From a Buick 8” he has previously featured car as a doorway to a different dimension. Though this time, after 12 years the storyline is completely different.

Here a clown is behind wheel, killing eight people and an infant. Like typical murder cases this one also remained unsolved, until the hero detective was directly challenged by the murder him self. Although the car is portrayed to be stolen, yet a chill is experienced through spine even imagining so.

The way, case gets solved is still to be explored, yet it is challenging to see that Mercedes Benz the heart throb multi-million dollar hero is repositioned as a clever vicious villain. So now every time you see a Black Mercedes, choose side ways. Who knows, may be it is the killer inside.