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Mustang Celebrates 50th Anniversary With Amazing Tweet!


Every year comes with new beginning and a refresh course on the old ones be it our new year resolutions or any other aspect of life. In the automobile industry there are new introductions in the market each other with competitor trying their best to out do each other with the latest technological expertise and design innovations. However there are certain gems that leave an ever lasting mark on your mind and those are irreplaceable.

Ford celebrated the 50th anniversary of one such gem their collection that has won the hearts of millions of fans from all over the world generating tremendous revenue for half a century. It is none other than Ford Mustang. The ground breaking vehicle that resulted in putting Ford on the map and giving the company an edge from its competitors celebrates its 50th anniversary in a way that only Mustang knows how to. The company tweeted in celebration an aerial picture of of Westview Orchards in Michigan nears Ford’s headquarter. The snapshot was of the tremendous maze no one saw coming and you have to see it with your own eyes to believe the effort put into the project. Happy 50th Mustang! THAT is the way to do it.