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Nascar Driver Claims Partner A Trained Assassin!


Nascar is one of the most reputed and prestigious car racing events which bring the best of the best drivers to compete in the fast paced thrilling rides for our entertainment. In the recent news a famous driver from Nascar, Kurt Busch was accused for allegedly assaulting his partner Patricia Discoll. Now this is the kind of news that has been receiving a lot of attention due to the major hype of the people involved. The driver holds a good reputation on the track and therefore the attention given to this case has been followed by millions of fans all over the world.

Yesterday came with the most shocking of twist in the assault case for Kurt Busch. The driver claimed that his partner Patricia Discoll is a trained assassin who travels the world performing covert missions. He also claims that she returned to a hotel one night wearing a blood stained evening gown after one of her missions. The driver claims that i might be considered crazy for saying all this but i have lived with the woman on the inside and know the complete utter truth and say this with the utmost conviction. The most surprising thing is that there are actually few shreds of evidence to support his theory. Now this is the kind of mystery courtroom drama i like to see with a bucket full of popcorn.