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Negotiate properly … What to say and what not

If you want to sell your car, you must be a good speaker and bring serving negotiation skills, so that the car also achieved a good price. It is important to think before negotiations a sum that is greater than the price you actually want to achieve. So you have a room for negotiations down and do not get in the end usually less money than you actually want to achieve for the car to be sold. And do not forget in all negotiations: Always highlight the advantages of the vehicle. Are there negative points, they say, but do not let the conversation end with these negative points, but with the positive sides of the vehicle. On questions should be answered specifically, and not avoid something noted a potential seller who has a bit of a corresponding nose, usually quite quickly. It is best to think ahead quite a few questions that could provide the interest. This can be, for example, the question of whether the vehicle is salvage. This must necessarily be answered honestly, if you’re not behind may need to take the car and give the money back. We can ask the same way also the prospective pre-empting and give him all the important information. For example:

How old is the car?

How many previous owners had it?

The car has already accidents behind?

If the additional parts are installed?

Is the vehicle in special equipment included?

Are certain parts of vehicles have already been exchanged (for example, the fender or the brakes) again?

And some other issues are important as well:

What is the price negotiable? (Where the prospective always say that it is a negotiable price – i.e. a negotiating is possible)

When and how should the delivery of the vehicle sold occur?

If the purchase price to be paid in cash or by bank transfer?

Optionally, agreed in a car with a higher price, a payment by installments?

Gives you as a seller to the buyer a warranty?