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News Alert: UK Goverment Buying Tesla Model S In Bulk…!!!



We all know Tesla Model S is so much popular these days as people are standing in lines with a pile of cash in their hands but now the things are becoming more interesting now some governments have also taken so much interest in buying this amazing piece or transportation and want Tesla Model S to be a part of their fleet or we would not be wrong if we say they are ready to change the entire fleet with Tesla Model S. Today we have news straight from UK.


The UK government is weighing the buy of Model S Evs for its armada, as indicated by Tesla. In an exertion to get environmentally friendly, the UK said it needs to purchase 150 electric autos for government dirty sludges, after the lead of China, which commanded that 30 percent of its armada must run on electrons. Tragically, the financial backing is £5 million ($8.5 million) for each of the 150 autos, or about £33,000 for every vehicle – and the Tesla Model S right now runs about £50,000 ($85,000) in the UK. That contrasts with about £30,000 for BMW’s i3 (barring the gas-fueled reach extender), an alternate likely contender. Notwithstanding, the Tesla has one huge playing point: it can run about 250 miles on a charge, where the BMW can just go 81 miles. As Bidness Etc put it, that is no less than two round treks between PM David Cameron’s nation retreat and his 10 Downing Street work environment – however we envision he’ll remain faithful to the heavily clad Jag.

Have a look at Tesla Model S in a below Video.. Enjoy!