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Nissan Leaf Gives You A Paint Job That Is Child Proof!


It is never easy to maintain a vehicle when you have children around. For that matter it is exceptionally hard to keep anything in its original state if there is even a single 2 years old nearby. They will hit it, break it, scratch it, rub stuff all over it, leave sticky and disgusting stains which are extremely difficult to remove and above all ruin it with a huge innocent smile plastered all over their faces. One of the very special things in your life is for sure your car and if you see your child ruining that it would take all amount of self control and patience to not strangle that kid right there and then. Well worry no further as Nissan Leaf comes to the rescue.


Nissan Leaf for the very first time is introducing a vehicle with a paint job that enables all the disgusting slimy sticky goo that children are fond of to slide right over the car paint leaving behind a spit and shine clean vehicle intact. The coating is named the Ultra Ever Dry which creates a barrier between the car’s paint and anything else in the environment. Check Mate kids!