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Nissan Offer an Autonomous System that Arrive in the US Market

Nissan ProPilot Technology

The new autonomous technology is revealed by Nissan Motor Corporation, which named as ProPilot. It will assist the drivers a nearly hands-free highway cruising facility. Firstly, the technology going to be witness in the upcoming Nissan Serena project. It would be a 5-door minivan marketed in Japan territory. Later on, the automaker will works to bring the ProPilot to the US sector. However, no specified name or the vehicle is disclosed which will embrace this innovative technology.

The concept of ProPilot provide a variety of automotive solution to the global industry. ProPilot is designed to control the acceleration, vehicle’s steering and braking system automatically. It has a mono camera paired with image-processing equipment that identify the vehicle ahead and recognize lane markers in three dimensions. It will also maintain and sustain a safe distance behind the car ahead – enabling the driver to keep the steer controlled and vehicle at the center of the lane.

Nissan ProPilot Technology

Though, Nissan’s latest technology enable the drivers to take off their hands from steering wheel but it necessarily doesn’t tolerate it. Automotive news stated that there is a torque sensor mounted on the steering column, which senses whenever driver touches the steering wheel.

Though, if no torque is applied then a warning light comes followed and pursued by a Chime. Eventually, the autonomous function will extricate if the driver doesn’t cooperate with the steering wheel after several seconds. This seems equivalent to the other autonomous functions as well as semi-autonomous systems except the Tesla Autopilot case.

Nissan ProPilot Technology

Nissan has also stated about the significant and importance of their innovative and novel project. According to Nissan, “Our current ProPilot system is well-designed for highly congested roads while the additional functions will incorporated soon”. By 2018, ProPilot will be able to manage and change lanes alike Tesla’s autopilot system. Anyhow, Nissan has also planned that Autonomous driving on Urban streets will also be the component of 2020 packages.

Here, keep remember that the ProPilot autonomous and Infiniti’s current “semi-autonomous” are two distinctive technologies with different functioning. Infiniti technology is more bent towards lasers and safety instead of the convenience offered by ProPilot. Nissan claimed their ProPilot will make them the first Japanese automakers with complete autonomous capabilities.

At the same time, it’s unclear how Nissan will create distinction between the luxury lineup, which can maneuver and follow vehicles and this new camera-based innovation