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Marvel Of Nissan X-trail Test in Lesotho


Lesotho is a country with diverse landscape to facilitate drive in multiple road conditions. Understanding this Nissan Xtrail, a vehicle preferred in multiple parts of the world especially South Africa, rolled its sleeves for a driving route around the border of Lesotho.

The drive proved the following things about Nissan Xtrail:

Fuel Efficiency

The vehicles used were the two Nissan Xtrail of 2000 CC in XE trim. The optional 4X2 engine gave the switching capacity between the two wheel and four wheel drive. To make sure that the test gave real time results team of average drivers were selected with no special training or efforts to reduce fuel consumption.

The result was astonishingly good, as expected. The environmental impact was great with low emission of carbon, while the fuel consumption was optimized with the best complementing luggage and passenger management.

Nature Close Drive

In order to make sure that drive was nature close, the route chosen included dirt filled areas, hills and snowy areas. This not only gave the complete analysis of drive in different conditions. But also aid in providing real time experience dry run, of how the driver will handle situation.
The four wheel drive option switching made hills and rock climbing easy with the complete grip on harsh uneven roads. The two wheel drive gave fuel economy with the 2.0 L engine further facilitating the process.

Hence the test drive of Nissan Xtrail proved to be a marvel for Lesotho and overall South Africa.