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Nissan’s Ex-Boss Is Aston Martin’s New CEO!


The automotive industry is a cut throat business where every player is trying to out do the other in terms of products, services, business strategies and brand building. The competition is not restricted between local competitors but the whole international market is involved. Through numerous strategies like marketing campaign, advertisement campaigns and numerous more the automakers try to capture the audience in their own direction. One of the ways to do so is catch the bait and recruit the talented candidates of one company to your own.

Aston Martin, the British beauty of a brand, just played some serious moves across the chess board. Andy Palmer who was the Chief Planning Officer at     Nissan Motor Corporation was sought by Aston Martin where he is now the current CEO of the company. The British born engineer has a hefty 35 year long experience under his belt that surely qualifies him for the job at hand. There are high hopes associated with Andy Palmer for taking the company in a fresh and invigorating direction for the further success and ultimate growth of the company in long term. Lets see what loss Nissan has to bear letting someone as talented and complete as Andy Palmer go into the den of the competition.