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No Its Not An Underwater Car..Just A Normal One Crashed Into A Pool!


With the progress that is being experienced on daily basis in the automotive industry, it comes as no surprise to us when we see something out of the ordinary or unbelievable. The year 2014 marks the series of shocks we sustained with imagination turning into reality on daily basis. First it was the self driving vehicle which requires no hands and no help whatso ever to make you reach your destination safely. Next was the concept of connecting cars that will be able to interact with each other on the road by themselves. Then there were the self parking vehicles that we can just leave infront of a mall and they will search for the parking space themselves without any hassle for us. The last was the car that would operate normally without any need of a steering wheel. So it came as normal piece of news to us when we saw a vehicle submerged in water thinking it is the under water vehicle recently introduced but sadly it was not so.

It was a less than extraordinary achievement when an 85 year old man crashed his car into the backyard pool and ended up becoming completely submerged in it later on. The driver was innocent in this incident as his flip flop that he was wearing got entangled in the pedals and he lost control of the car landing in to the pool. The elderly driver was however uninjured during the incident.