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Now Dont Worry In Danger… This Device Will Help You!


We usually are alone while on travelling in car or stay at home or in any other place and there is always a chance of bad happening in terms of security, safety, or any medical emergency. We all should take care of ourselves to be safe and stay healthy.

Recently a company from United States has showcased its project called ECHO on crowd funding campaign in which the company is asking common people to contribute if they like their concept.

For early adaptors who will contribute will get some exclusive discounts and privileges over standard customers.

The concept is consisting of GPS navigation and an emergency phone in a small box with a red button on top. When it comes to power then there are only 2 AAA size battery cells to give it a juice up till 5 years and have a capability to give 3hr talk time in any sort of emergencies.

Company is also opening a contact centre from where the company’s representative will contact you if you feel any danger around and press a red button on the device.

When it come to GPS location tracking then you don’t need to worry about anything as it will only activate when you only at in danger. In any sort of an emergency the representative will connect your defined contacts or even your face book friends if you like along with local law enforcements as well.

Have a look at this amazing innovation in a below video and Enjoy!