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Now Make Your Own Driverless Car…!!!


You must have heard about driverless cars from Google. The company came with this idea few years ago and people thought that would be only concept and can never become a reality. After few years of development Google has finally done some breakthrough showed some progress. Recently Google just showed their own prototype cars that seem to be very cute and from the inner side it’s actually driverless.

Previously the company did extensive experiments on commercial vehicles and relied on some models like Toyota Prius that it has proved to be the most advanced car from the Japanese manufacturer in terms of fuel efficiency.


With this amazing concept of Google some other companies started to think about this new chapter and started to explore the possibilities to enhance driving experience. We have seen different car manufacturers like BMW, Audi and Mercedes are working very hard to obtain perfection in driverless car technology. Audi and BMW has even showcased their prototypes to the world but after watching those efforts the question arises in our mind that “Are these cars ready to hit the market” or other side of the picture is “Are we ready to embrace this technology?”


We are not the only one who has these questions in mind but the companies like Google also has the similar thoughts. Due to these concerns the company just shaped their driver less cars in cute appearance so that people will not get scared of what they are going to adopt.



There is another update we want to share with you that the company called cruise has just showed their effort to convert the conventional cars into driverless cars. They have built-up a small setup box that needs to be integrated in your existing car and it will automate the entire controlling system including car steering wheel and brake pedal. They have also integrate camera system on the roof of the car that enable the system to read the exact traffic flow and it also uses GPS technology to have exact location as the automated assistance of the car self driving system.


CEO of Cruise also mentioned that they will be able to launch it commercially for almost every car in 2015. Right now the company is only working on certain Audi models but the additional models support is about to come as it’s just a matter of time.