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NOW Trucks That Will Drive Themselves!!


With the introduction of Google Self Driving car there has been great attention given to the fact that we might someday have driver less truck, steering less ships and pilot less airplanes. Who knows one day every thing will be controlled my the robots and we’ll be sitting back sipping margaritas and waiting for the machines to do everything for us. But lets just take it one step at a time because after thorough analysis i highly doubt we’ll see all this in our lifetime. Our grand children maybe but not us. Well there is one thing thing we can enjoy and that is self driving trucks and that too in Netherlands.


The country has joined the spirit and stampede of self driving vehicles and has recently announced a five year plan to make the country a safe place for self driving vehicles highly focusing on trucks, in order for that to actually happen the rules on the roads will have to be altered, the infrastructure will need to be built and hefty research funding. With the industrial sector already automated in the country, it will a step in completely implementing an all robot system through driver less trucks. The government has announced that it will initially test simple computer simulations to determine whether the project hold potential to be implemented and funded on large scale.